Frequently Asked Questions 

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    Do I have to have ancestors in Lincoln County join LCGS?
    No, in fact, a greater percentage of our membership does not have Lincoln County ancestors. Our goal is to support all genealogist in their pursuit of discovering their ancestors and recording their research for future generations.
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    What if I have no experience with genealogy?
    No problem., we have many beginners in our membership. We also have members that have years of experience that are willing to help others get started in the fascinating journey of discovering one's own ancestry and heritage.
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    What is the cost of internet genealogy?
    There are several paid sites, but there are also many, many. free sites available. Many of our members only use free sites and know all the best ones.
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    Where do I start with my family tree?
    Start with yourself and work backward. Document what you know, create a timeline with locations, review documents you already have and most importantly, interview your older relatives. Get our 50 question list.
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    Should I do DNA testing?
    DNA testing can be very helpful but doesn't replace the paper trail of genealogical research. DNA testing can be used to prove family connections and find living relatives. Cost is around $100.00, often going on sale for as little as $59.
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    What does it cost to join LCGS?
    LCGS is a great deal at only $10.00 a year for an individual membership and $15.00 a year for a family membership. We also offer a lifetime membership for $100.00.
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    Where can I get genealogy forms?
    There are free forms, i.e. pedigree charts, family group sheets, research logs etc. availlable at Family Search.
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    What is the best genealogy software?
    Several family tree software programs are available, some free and some cost. Popular free sites are Legacy, Geni and Family Search (LDS).
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